Modern, well-managed workspace

The company has dedicated state-of-the art production facilities, located in Athens, designed in accordance with EU GMP requirements.

Our facilities are regularly audited for quality and efficiency, and we continually invest in new technology and people to maintain our market leading status.


Delivering flawless quality

All of us at VERAL are committed to continuous improvement, as we are constantly trying to upgrade every process of our business & improve our customer’s experience.

We constantly monitor every stage of our process and control each procedure (from the incoming raw materials and components to the release of the final product to the market), to ensure that manufacturing corresponds exactly to the specifications.

We have clearly defined standards, methods and procedures. Our processes, products and performance are constantly validated and we stay well ahead of required GMP standards and cosmetics regulations.

VERAL’s quality assurance team consistently aims for perfection. Our business practices and processes are designed to manufacture high quality flawless private label cosmetics.

With VERAL's comprehensive quality assurance system, you can truly secure the quality and safety of your cosmetic products.


Our quality is certified

Our Tests

We constantly monitor the raw materials, products, hygiene and equipment.
To ensure all our products are safe and effective, we conduct microbiological, chemical and physical analyses on them at every stage of the production process. Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and the packaging processes undergo strict controls using state-of-the-art instruments and the most advanced technologies.
The majority of these processes are carried out by our in-house laboratories, assisted by specially selected external partners for a number of specific tests.



ISO 9001 – for company's  quality system
ISO 22716 – for the Good Manufacturing Practices of production, quality control and packaging of cosmetic products
COSMOS authority (ICEA) for meeting the requirements of COSMOS STANDARD, as contract manufacturer.
All of our COSMOS ORGANIG & COSMOS NATURAL products are designed and developed under the requirements of the latest COSMOS standard.
We produce COSMOS products complied with the general principles of COSMOS standard, which among others include:
Ø Absence of Nanomaterials, Genetically Modified Organisms-GMOs, Irradiation
Ø Non animal testing for both final products and raw materials
Ø Use of sustainable derived raw materials (Palm Oil, Palm kernel oil and derivatives)
IFS - HPC – VERAL’s high accreditation score assures that VERAL provides safe, compliant and quality cosmetic products to the market without any hazard for the consumers & fulfills its customer’s expectation. IFS-HPC is a standard that is highly recognized by the world market and it is based on HACCP principles, GMP & GHP Practices.

ETI-SMETA VERAL has been successfully audited against ETI-SMETA Code of Conduct by several independent bodies (INTERTEK, SGS, UL.VS, ELEVATE, TRN, etc).
VERAL is also an active member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) with commitment to continuous improvement in its ethical performance. SEDEX provides member companies with a secure web-based platform for storing and sharing information on health and safety, labour standards, business integrity and environment. Becoming a member of SEDEX is a sign of Veral's willingness to share information and to utilize this information to help manage and improve ethical standards within the supply chain.
Commitment to top-notch quality control

Microbiological Lab

Designed and constructed in compliance with the requirements of GMP standards and equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, our in-house microbiological laboratory conducts microbiological, chemical and physical analyses during each stage of a product’s life, from the formula to the packaging.
A rigorous microbiological examination precedes each shipment of product.
The microbiology lab tests both ingredients and finished products for bacteria, yeast, and moulds.
No products are released without approval from our Quality Control Team.

Chemical Lab

Inside the Chemical laboratory, primary materials, semi-finished and finished products are analyzed with the use of modern and advanced equipment.

The most complex project is a challenge we embrace
VERAL’s key asset is the vital contribution of its on-site machinery, staffed with an experienced and seasoned team of mechanical engineers, who think ahead of the market and find creative responses to new challenges, generating innovative packaging solutions. 

VERAL’s technical department develops new solutions and offers technical service support, remaining at our customer's side from start to finish to ensure successful implementation of complex and extensive projects.
The technical department is also able to perform quick repairs eliminating lead times, achieving daily production goals and meeting program deadlines. It also conducts constant design work giving added value to our packaging machines.
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